Put me in, coach!

Optimize current in-house team services with KLM resources.

Your greatest asset is your people — if you have them. With limited resources, today's marketing departments and organizations find themselves playing catch-up on the latest marketing techniques, Go-to-Market content and design, and lead-generation campaigns. KLM can help.

Let a KLM team member become an extension of your team and watch those action items disappear. As true team members, on a short- or long-term basis, KLM staff can coordinate, manage, respond, develop, track, and deliver on a multitude of project details — allowing you to concentrate on your objectives and direct the bigger picture.


Bringing the best (and the fewest necessary) resources to the table is the most creative and efficient way to get the job done. KLM team members can take things off your plate – attend meetings, coordinate projects and vendors, and respond to your immediate needs with:

  • Project management
  • Vendor coordination
  • Planning and scheduling
  • Budget monitoring and reporting
  • Plan development

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